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Mythos Universe

  • Gods
  • Mythological Creatures
  • Revenue distribution

The story

You’re about to enter a universe inhabited by mythological gods and beings from the four corners of the Earth.

As you pass through the gateway into this new dimension, you will change into an extraordinary creature fashioned by the many characteristics of reigning deities.

You will become one of the ten thousand privileged humans to gain a new form. And you could well be one of the chosen fifteen whose form is pure divinity.

The Project

Why Mythos is different?

Three curiosities worth knowing about the collection


Among the 10k NFTs are 15 particularly rare, born within a specific time window until the collection sells out.

Instantly Revealed

Each NFT is randomly generated and automatically revealed during the purchase process.


An oracle network is used to generate live the NFT DNA and its image, which is decentralize stored.


Benefits of having
a Mytho

  • The project is based on 4 funds

    The result of each transaction is distributed among the funds at each sale.

  • Once the entire collection is sold

    Each owner can constantly claim a portion of the total revenue based on the number of Mythos in his wallet.

Gods & Mythological creatures

Some of the Pure fifteen


Our path is summarized
in four major phases


Mythos are born


Distribution of community revenues


Creation of Sandbox metaverse experience


Opening the Metaverse space

The Team

Connecting the Dots


Paulo Almeida


He has been passionate about technology and creativity since early childhood. In recent years, he has focused on user experience.


Afonso Silva


Programming for passion, true believer and advocate of the cryptocurrencies mass adoption for decentralised financial control.


Cristina Sampaio

Illustrator & Cartoonist

She adores Franco-Belgian comics and is madly in love with her Shih-Tzu. Her corrosive cartoons are internationally well known.

Sales are open

You are one step away from beginning
your mythological journey

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Do you need a hand?

Mythos Universe is a collection of 10k NFTs, 15 known gods and mythological creatures, and 9,985 randomly generated collectible NFTs that gives the person who owns it the opportunity to receive a percentage of the collection's total earnings based on the number of Mythos in their wallet.
Yes. And if you were invited to our private sale, you can purchase 10 at a time.
Follow @MythosUniverse on Twitter to not miss the announcements of the mint details.
Once we have funds on our charity wallet, we will announce the first selected institution and document the whole process, which will be public.
No. Mythos Universe, after reaching phase four, will begin to develop tools to help other artists enter the NFT world and challenge them to create more than a simple collection. And by doing that, we challenge ourselves to go further to make the difference.
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