Mythos MintUp

happened in 04.04.22

A side event of the Non Fungible Conference 2022, where the NFT collection Mythos Universe was presented to the public for the first time.

During this event, six Portuguese artists exhibited their works in different techniques.

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Mythos MintUp

The place

Hotel Hotel

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Mythos Universe NFT Collection

Mythos Universe

A 10k collection of 15 known gods and mythological creatures and 9,985 randomly generated collectible NFTs, with art by Portuguese illustrator and cartoonist Cristina Sampaio.

The works presented at the event

Portuguese Artists

NFT Artist

Bruno Krippahl

Concept Artist, illustrator, vfx and 3D

NFT Artist

Camila Nogueira

Digital artist, hip-hop fan and female ninja

NFT Artist

Carla Sá Fernandes

Internationally Collected Visual Artist

NFT Artist

Cristina Rosa

Mixed-media and abstract artist

NFT Artist

José Ramos

Photographer, Psych MD and Storyteller

NFT Artist

Tiago Aleixo

Digital artist